Electron Microscopy Center

Monday, 9 January, 2023


The electron microscopy center supports neuroanatomical research through high-resolution transmission and scanning electron microscopy.

 In addition to the basic imaging methods, the equipment at the central unit will also allow electron tomography, automated scanning electron microscopy on serial sections and block face scanning serial electron tomography on block samples. These are crucial techniques for high-precision, high-resolution volumetric anatomical research as well as for fundamental diagnostic and exploratory studies. The central unit is equipped with the necessary tools for the ultrathin sectioning of electron microscopy specimens and for the metal and carbon coating of the surface of the sections or block face specimens.


The unit can also help designing anatomical studies where electron microscopy is essential.


In addition, we take part in open days, workshops, and the Researchers' Night event, where we also provide interested young people hands-on demonstrations of our tools and procedures.


EM centre leader: Dr. Gábor Nyiri

EM centre unit manager and senior research fellow: Dr. Szilvia Kőszegi


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