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Anna wins Best Poster Award at Selye Symposium

Anna presented her results at the symposium of the Selye János Doctoral College for Advanced Studies.


We participated in the Joint Meeting of the Hungarian Neuroscience Society (MITT) and the Austrian Neuroscience Association (ANA) and the HUNDOC 2023 conferences.

Going away for the holidays

After this busy year, we are going to take a little break now. We'll be back next year :)

Anna finishes 2nd in student conference

It's not the first time for Anna to win a prize at the BTDK student conference of the Eötvös Loránd University.

New publication in eLife

Our latest publication is finally available online.

We went to Aletta's wedding

Aletta invited the lab to her weddig with Zoltán.

Anna wins ÚNKP grant

Anna, our undergradute researcher receives support from the New National Excellence Programme (ÚNKP).

Aletta and Ferenc co-author new Yale publication on AgRP neurons

A new paper on AgRP neurons and their effect on cortical structure and function has been published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry with Aletta and Ferenc as co-authors.

Getting together with István Katona's lab

István Katona's research group welcomes us to IEM.

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