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Horváth Á. Cs.; Borbély S.; Mihók F.; Fürjes P.; Barthó P.; Fekete Z. ✉  (2022) Histological and electrophysiological evidence on the safe operation of a sharp-tip multimodal optrode during infrared neuromodulation of the rat cortex SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2045-2322 2045-2322 12: Paper 11434.
Stutz Bernardo; Waterson Michael J.; Šestan-Peša Matija; Dietrich Marcelo O.; Škarica Mario; Sestan Nenad; Racz Bence; Magyar Aletta; Sotonyi Peter; Liu Zhong-Wu; Gao Xiao-Bing; Matyas Ferenc; Stoiljkovic Milan; Horvath Tamas L. ✉  (2022) AgRP neurons control structure and function of the medial prefrontal cortex MOLECULAR PSYCHIATRY 1359-4184 1476-5578 :
Babiczky Ákos; Matyas Ferenc ✉  (2022) Molecular characteristics and laminar distribution of prefrontal neurons projecting to the mesolimbic system ELIFE 2050-084X 2050-084X 11: