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Thursday, 23 March, 2023

A brief description of services in the Cell Biology Unit

The Laboratory offers a wide range of methodologies to support the study of ex vivo models, brain slices, primary glial and neuronal cultures and cell lines, bioassays, cell biology methods, including sensitive detection of biologically active mediators and their effects. The Laboratory has two sterile hoods for basic and one hood for BSL1-BSL2 studies. The Cytation 5 Cell Imaging Multimode Reader allows a wide range of bioassays (fluorescence, luminescence, absorbance-based detection, FRET, etc.) and is also suitable for fluorescence imaging of individual cells, cell cultures, including long-term time lapse imaging. The BD FACSVerse flow cytofluorimeter allows the simultaneous detection of 8+2 parameters, while it is also suitable for plate-based measurements (e.g. multiplex cytokine measurements using a cytometric bead array). The BD FACSMelody Cell Sorter is capable of simultaneous separation of 4 parallel fluorescently labelled cell populations. The UVITEC C9 gel documentation system is suitable for both chemiluminescence and fluorescence detection, facilitating the performance of highly sensitive protein or RNA assays. Our Iconeus One functional ultrasound device enables highly sensitive, in vivo, non-invasive assessment of cerebral circulation and functional connectivity in rodent models.

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