About us

Thursday, 30 March, 2023

The labor was established to fix, collect and examine human brain tissues. We examine fixed human brain samples from control and neurologically impaired subjects, and study the structural and molecular biological alterations in neurodegenerative disorders.

The post mortem perfusion of human brains with short post mortem delay resulted in high quality preservation of the tissues, allowing the application of various immunocytochemical methods.


This way we can compare control subjects and patients with neurological, neurodegenerative diseases and animal models in the same scientific paradigm.

We have described sprouting of interneurons and several receptorial changes in the hippocampi of temporal lobe epileptic patients with intractable seizures. At present we further study epileptic reorganization and began to examine schizophrenia-caused alterations in the human brain.


For the examination we use immunocytochemistry, immunogold labeling, fluorescent-, super resolution and electron microscopy.


The samples are available to the research teams of the Institute and external collaborators also, by agreement. In this regard, please contact Zsófia Maglóczky, the head of the unit via the address presented on the webpage.

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