Methods 107
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Activity measurement

The activity function registers the locomotor activity of the animal in the animal cage. Special frames are equipped with IR sensors, each sensor consists of an IR reciever and the corresponding IR emitter wich produces infrared light beams intersecting in the animal cage.

Echo MRI

EchoMRI offers body composition analysis for live subjects, measuring whole body fat, lean, free water, and total water masses.


Climatic chamber

The environmental control chambers were specifically designed for indirect calorimetry experiments. The environment becomes part of the experiment with temperature, light and humidity under tight software control. Temperature challenge and circadian effects now can be studied in detail.

Measurement of food and drink consumption

The drinking and feeding behavior of the animals is registered with special drinking and feeding sensors with the appropiated mounting devices. Thes standard configuration is the dual sensor-system with one feeding and one drinking station.

Respiratory exchange ratio

The calorimetry components are operated as an open circuit measuring system for determining the parameters O2 consumption, CO2 production, respiratory exchange ratio (RER) and energy expenditure as well as difference O2 (reference air O2 - Box O2)and difference CO2 (Box CO2 - referenceair CO2). All these parameters may be calculated both offline and online by the TSE PhenoMaster software and can be displayed as required by the user.