Balázs Göcz wins the 2023 MEAT Youth Prize

Tuesday, 9 May, 2023

The importance of an award can be overestimated or underestimated, but if several people from the same group win awards, it cannot be a coincidence. This year, Balázs Göcz won the Hungarian Endocrinology and Metabolism Society's Youth Award as the first author of a PNAS article.

The age limit for a Youth Prize is usually 35 years, and it is also common to be able to submit a paper published or accepted for publication in the current or previous year. While not a barrier to brain drain, the Hungarian Endocrinology and Metabolism Society's call for proposals also states that "preference will be given to research work carried out in a domestic laboratory and carried out independently."


The winning paper, "Transcriptome profiling of kisspeptin neurons from the mouse arcuate nucleus reveals new mechanisms in estrogenic control of fertility", published in the prestigious journal PNAS (The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A.), reveals new mechanisms related to the protein kisspeptin, and the estrogen-dependent control of fertility. This famous kisspeptin has been studied for many years by the Reproductive Neurobiology Research Group led by Erik Hrabovszky. 


The success of the group and the importance of their findings is reflected in the fact that Balázs Göcz, like Katalin Skrapits, who was awarded the prize last year, is also a member of the Reproductive Neurobiology Research Group. 



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