About us

Monday, 23 January, 2023

Our goal is to support the researchers of our institute with next generation sequencing and general sequence analysis. An on-site and a Hun-Ren server provides secure data processing capability. Currently we can only support the work of researchers within KOKI, to gain access to our services external colleges need to start a collaboration with one of the research groups. 


Established in 2023, the primary purpuse of Bioinformatics Core-facility (BKE) is to support the researchers with the analysis of high throughput sequencing (NGS) data analysis. Nowadays, bioinformatics has become a necessity in understanding the molecular background of any genetic trait or a disease.

To achieve this, the order (sequence) of a few million to several billion building blocks of DNA or RNA is identified. Our genetic code is enormously long and currently it is only possible to read consecutively only parts of this at a time. The readings of these sequences are than related to a known reference sequence or to each other (assembly), to reconstruct the genetic code. The beauty of these experiments is that they are holistic, the result will show all differences(mutations) between samples, every gene which's activity has changed, every place where a transcription factor binds to the DNA, etc. This apriori method can minimize personal biases. The results can be qualitative (what are the irregularities in the genomes of patients, which positions where bound by a transcription factor do  to a treatment) and quantitative (how differently are genes/miRNAs expressed, how severely did a pathogen multiply).  


The BKE also handles and stores the collection of raw data of NGS experiments in the KOKI.


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