A workshop helping interdisciplinary discussions

Monday, 11 March, 2024
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Balázs Hangya presented the first results of his ERC Proof of Concept grant, awarded in May 2023, at the 1st Mouse-to-human Workshop at KOKI on 16 February 2024. The audience came not only from Budapest but also from the countryside.


In Parkinson's disease, known for its deterioration of motor functions - starting, stopping, hand tremors - cognitive abilities, including attention, learning and memory, also decline significantly. The only way to significantly improve patients' quality of life is to go beyond current practice assess both motor and cognitive functions together and adjust treatment accordingly.

Quantitative assessment of cognitive function requires a range of tests. These include behavioral tests of decision-making, electroencephalography (EEG), and electromyography (EMG) measurements. Artificial intelligence is used to search for the biomarker (specific signal) that is essential to quantify the results of EEG recordings.

The four presentations at the workshop presented four different aspects of the project and where they are currently in the process of realizing their goal. Balázs promises to organize similar events in the future so that interested parties can follow up on the new results. 

Balázs Hangya and his team aim to create a product that can reliably track patient changes, the data analysis is programmed, and the device is easy to use and suitable for use in the clinic. 

Commenting on the event, he said: 

"I was very pleased to see the participation of animal, human, and theoretical researchers, neuroscientists, brain surgeons, engineers, artificial intelligence experts, and last but not least students. In addition to KOKI, several institutes, such as HUN-REN TTK, SZTAKI, Wigner, OMIII, and Semmelweis University Neurology Clinic were represented. The diverse backgrounds of the participants made for a meaningful and exciting dialogue. I think such interdisciplinary dialogues are much needed."