Research groups

In the 20 research groups of the institute 102 researcher, 39 PhD student and several student research assistants work
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Integrative Neuroendocrinology Research Group

Head of laboratoryCsaba Fekete
Our goal is to understand the central regulation of the energy homeostasis and the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis

Reproductive Neurobiology Research Group

Head of laboratoryErik Hrabovszky
Research in the Reproductive Neurobiology Research Group aims to provide a better understanding into the central regulation of the reproductive axis.

Translational Behavioural Neuroscience Research Group

Head of laboratoryÉva Mikics
Translational Behavioural Neuroscience Research Group

Molecular Neurobiology Research Group

Head of laboratoryIstván Katona
Our work aims to understand the processes that regulate communication between neurons. We investigate the molecular structure and physiological role of the mechanisms responsible for the variability of neural signalling.

Molecular Cell Metabolism Research Group

Head of laboratoryBalázs Gereben, Dr.
The major aim of the group is to study thyroid hormone economy in the brain and coupled peripheries.

Network Neurophysiology Research Group

Head of laboratoryNorbert Hájos
The aim of our research team is to understand the logic underlying circuit operation in neuronal networks.

Neuronal Network and Behavior Research Group

Head of laboratoryFerenc Mátyás, Dr
We are driven to understand emotional brain circuits and their malfunctions.

Cerebral Cortex Research Group

Head of laboratoryGábor Nyiri
Neural networks, representations and models.
We explore the contributions of subcortical regions to higher-order cognitive functions in the brain.

Neuronal Signaling Research Group

Head of laboratoryJudit Makara
Our focus is to understand how the active, voltage dependent properties of dendrites and dendritic spines contribute to information processing on the single cell and network level during physiologically relevant learning-related behaviors.

Endocrine Neurobiology Research Group

Head of laboratoryZsolt Liposits
The major scientific interest of the Laboratory of Endocrine Neurobiology has been in the exploration of novel cellular and molecular hypothalamic mechanisms that take part in the regulation of the different pituitary endocrine axes.

Cellular Neuropharmacology Research Group

Head of laboratoryJános Szabadics
Our passion is understanding electrical signaling in hippocampal axons. What single axons can do? How do they do it?

Systems Neuroscience Research Group

The aim of our research is how different neuron types of subcortical centers mediate cognitive processes such as attention, learning and memory.