Top places at the OTDK Medical and Health Sciences and Biology sections

Friday, 28 April, 2023
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Why is it important for a university student to do scientific research? For medical students, you can hope that it will be useful in the clinic. But research as an undergraduate can be of great benefit not only there, but elsewhere too.


The 36th OTDK Medicine and Health Sciences Section was held at Semmelweis University on 18-21 April 2023, while the Biology Section was held at ELTE on 24-25 April. Both events were attended by several students from our institute, and some nice results were achieved.


In the 69 sessions of the Medicine and Health Sciences Section, 553 papers were presented, the main criteria for their evaluation being scientific value and new content, but also the student's activity and participation in achieving this common scientific result. Of course, the technical execution and presentation of the lecture and, not least, the ability of the lecturer to debate and demonstrate the student's understanding of the new observation were important. 

There were three KOKI students who did this exceptionally well.


In the Theoretical Medicine, Life Sciences, Pathophysiology Group D 

FRANCISKA BENYÓ won first place and also received the Hungarian Society of Physiology's prize (her supervisors were Dr. Balázs Hangya, and Bálint Király PhD student.)

In Group Csecond place went to ZSOLT BUDAY, whose supervisors were Dr. László Acsády and Dr. László Bíró.


in Neurology and Neurovascular Medicine 

first prize was given to RÉKA ZSÓFIA SEBESTÉNY  who worked under the supervision of Dr. Gábor Nyiri and Dr. Krisztián Zichó PhD student.


In Molecular Biology, DÁRIUS LESZKÓ received a special prize. He is supervised by Susanne Prokop and István Katona.


The work of the Biology Section was coordinated by the ELTE Institute of Biology. During the scientific program of the section, 182 lectures were presented, where KOKI TDK students from the Neurophysiology section

PÉTER FÖLDI (supervisor: Dr. Norbert Hájos) was awarded the third prize, 


and in Neurobiology 

MAÁCZ FRUZSINA, Professor Beáta Sperlágh, and Dr. Flóra Gölöncsér received a special award.


Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up, and to their co-lead researchers and teammates!