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Our special almond tree

We work at an internationally renowned neuroscience research institute, many of our staff are among the best in their field, so we always have something to write about. Yet, one of the March articles is always about a blossoming almond tree.

Invitation to microscopists from Pécs

We received an invitation to the "Super-resolution and Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy and István Ábrahám Memorial Workshop" from the Szentágothai János Research Centre of the University of Pécs

The IBRO Workshop was a great success!

The IBRO Workshop of the Hungarian Neuroscience Society is held every two years and always in January. The announcement of the 2022 workshop as a traditional conference, was a bold undertaking in 2021, but it found out a success!

Journey to the Calleja Islands

A new method, jointly developed by István Katona and György Keserű (ELRN, FNS), allows the measurement of the binding site of drugs on the surface of nerve cells with nanometre precision. The paper was published in Nature Communications.

Responsibility for the talent

It is a talented person, they used to say of outstanding talent, no matter what they are outstanding at. Anett Schwarcz Ph.D. student, is also talented, firstly because of her talent, but also because she won the Richter Gedeon Nyrt. Talent Scholarship.

Who prefers electronmicroscopy

Our age can be called "the renaissance of microscopes". Today's microscopes are "works of art" in a different way from the old ones, and require even more care and expertise. That is why Dr Szilvia Kőszegi joined us.

Can migraines be prevented?

While headache is a common pain that can usually be treated with a few pills, migraine is a neurological condition that affects 10% of the population and can make life almost unbearable at times. Research by the Sperlágh group could pave the way to help prevent and treat this serious condition.

Nomen est omen

Minden jó, ha a vége jó, állítja Shakespeare színművének címe, és ezzel valószínűleg Pósfai Balázs is egyetért. Miért is ne tenné, mikor az év utolsó hónapja elhozta számára a Junior Prima Díjat? Az, hogy megérdemelten kapja, nem is kérdés.

Home abroad

A couple of months length study trip is often as exciting as some great adventure. New group, other circumstances, hard work for results, and opportunity to know a foreign place better than a tourist. Spending years somewhere is a bigger matter.

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