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Celebration of science at KOKI in 2023

The celebration of Hungarian science has a special place among November's festivities, which is as much for the whole country as other commemorations of our history.

What happens in the hippocampus in response to aversive stimuli?

A paper by Viktor Varga's group, co-firstauthored by Albert Barth and Márta Jelitai, published in Nature Communications, reports an unexpected discovery in one of the most studied regions of the brain, the hippocampus. 


Visit of Professor Südhof

Some visits are an honor for the hosts. This was the case with Professor Thomas C. Südhof, who visited our institute on 19 September 2023 and gave a lecture for us. 

KOKI Days 2023 in Vargesztes

We feel at home in the houses of Villa Park in Várgues and, more importantly, our conference speakers would be welcome at any international event of this kind. And not just us, our guests and members of our Advisory Board thought so too.


Memory multiplex

A new study published in Nature Communications, by a team of researchers led by Balázs Hangya and first author Bálint Király, answers nothing less than how our brains answer one of the most important questions in telecommunications.

The European Pain Society celebrated its 30th anniversary with an international conference in Budapest

In beautiful autumn weather, the 30th-anniversary conference of the European Federation of Pain (EFIC) took place in Budapest from 20-22 Sep. 2023.

The example of Katalin Karikó

Despite the fact that the news portals are full of articles about Katalin Karikó and Ferenc Krausz's Nobel Prize, it is worth reading our ERC grant-winning Principal Investigator István Katona's thoughts on Katalin Karikó and the significance of her Nobel Prize.

Researchers' Night

We have been involved in the programme since 2020, but this was our first "real" event, with larger attendance at lectures and lab visits. All visitors had to register on the official website of the Researchers' Night.

Speaking of the Nobel Prize

Today, 2 October 2023, is a wonderful, exceptional day because newspapers and news portals open with good news. Katalin Karikó, together with her colleague, immunologist Drew Weissman, has been awarded the Nobel Prize for their discovery of the mRNA vaccine against COVID-19.

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