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A prize from Milan

Richárd Sinkó, PhD student and member of the Molecular Cell Metabolism Group, has won the Berlin-Chemie Menarini Young Investigators' Award for researchers under 35 years of age in the basic research category at the ETA 2023 conference in Milan.

A methodological article in the JBC

All scientific results must be made public. Anyone who develops a method in the course of his own research inevitably realizes that it could be of value to others, too. Erik Hrabovszky's group has developed a new RNA sequencing method, which has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, a true classic that has maintained its reputation and prestige for almost 120 years.

In the company of Nobel Laureates in Lindau

The conditions for participation at the Nobel Prize-winning meeting in Lindau have not changed since its inception. Only Nobel laureates are invited, and those under the age of 35 who meet the strict criteria and are selected by the committee. Balázs Pósfai was among those selected.

The brain stem also helps you remember

While most people interested in brain research know about the role of the hippocampus in learning and memory, probably none of them know about the important role of the brain stem, considered evolutionarily ancient, in storing negative memories. But so did most researchers, until recently, when Gábor Nyiri's group published a paper in the journal Plos Biology.

On thyroid hormone migration and ways of cognition

Scientists will never be surprised to find themselves out of a job because all the questions have been answered and there is nothing more to discover. The work of the teams of Balázs Gereben and Csaba Fekete, published in the journal eLife, has given a new and correct answer to an old question, and the discovery can also be used in translational medicine.

Advice from an everyday star

Lecturing at the MTA is an honor that many researchers don't get. And if before that lecture the introduction is given by the President of the MTA, the lecturer is certainly an international celebrity. Even if she is as direct in telling us about her work and giving advice to young researchers as Katalin Karikó.

Why should a microscopist go to Siofok in May?

It is no longer cheap to attend a conference or symposium at home either, so no matter how inviting a big event is, if you have to choose for financial reasons, most people choose the one on their own research topic. Unless you are a microscopist. Even if not every year, then once in a while it is worth going to Siófok.

Balázs Göcz wins the 2023 MEAT Youth Prize

The importance of an award can be overestimated or underestimated, but if several people from the same group win awards, it cannot be a coincidence. This year, Balázs Göcz won the Hungarian Endocrinology and Metabolism Society's Youth Award as the first author of a PNAS article.

Proof of Concept ERC grant for Balázs Hangya

Balázs Hangya's concept proposing quantitative cognitive testing to improve the quality of life for Parkinson's disease patients wins an ERC grant.



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