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Homo Ludens or Game in the KOKI

In the first week of February, a pretty poster appeared in the elevators of KOKI, followed by a circular inviting everyone to a board game night. The so far unthinkable event took place on 13 February, and the next one will be on 4 March. 

PhD defense at the Medical University of Graz. So many houses, so many customs

In the world, everybody can observe something different that might be worth a try. I was invited to Austria's second-largest university for a Ph.D. defense and a lecture in Graz, the capital of Styria. 

Festive neuroscience conference in Pécs

The Hungarian Neuroscience Society (MITT), founded on 21 January 1993, held its first conference just thirty years ago. The conference took place in Pécs, Hungary, and was chaired by Professor László Lénárd, the first President of the MITT. The venue of this year's conference was again the University of Pécs, with Professor István Hernádi from Pécs as President of the MITT and Professors Zsuzsanna Helyes and Dóra Zelena as Chairpersons of the INC2024 (International Neuroscience Conference), organized by the Faculty of General Medicine of the University of Pécs on 25-26 January.

Visit of the HUN-REN KOKI Evaluation Committee

The main objectives set by the new President of HUN-REN, Balázs Gulyás, are to strengthen scientific and innovation capacities and to increase the social, economic, and intellectual impact of research and innovation results. To achieve these goals, a new research strategy is needed, which requires knowledge of the current situation of HUN-REN's 49 research institutes and their performance in international comparison. 

HUN-REN has invited researchers of world renown to undertake this major work, and the survey will be carried out in the first third of this year.

Neuroscience has lost a key thinker, the late Richard Miles

Older colleagues probably don't need an introduction, but few young people would have known him (even Google couldn't find a photo). He didn't win many awards or huge accolades, but everyone who knew him carries his memory in their hearts and minds. In winter and summer, in 1990, 2000 and 2010, he wore the same worn jacket and trousers, carrying the same notebook in his bag in which he wrote down his thoughts and experiments.

KOKI at the Educatio2024 exhibition

KOKI participated for the first time in the Educatio2024 exhibition, which was held for the twenty-fourth time and attracted more than 60 thousand visitors. Our institute was represented by Áron Orosz Ph.D. student.

Our Christmas celebrants: Bálint Király and Krisztián Zichó

There are many ways to celebrate, and Christmas is no exception. And in a scientific institute, no Christmas celebration is complete without a scientific lecture.


This year's winner of the Junior Prima Prize in Science is Susanne Prokop

What else could we start with but to congratulate our young and successful colleague Susanne Prokop on her latest success, the Junior Prima Prize in Science, the most prestigious Hungarian award for researchers under 33 years of age!


Celebration of science at KOKI in 2023

The celebration of Hungarian science has a special place among November's festivities, which is as much for the whole country as other commemorations of our history.

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