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Together or rather alone

Luca Wittner was a Ph.D. student at IEM, but has been working at the Inst Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology for several years. At the Univ of Pécs, we learned about the benefits of central units, while she teaches us about researcher-institution collaboration.

The management of ELRN's visit to our institute

For the third year in a row, our institute has been part of the Eötvös Loránd Research Network (ELRN), established on 1 August 2019. The first carefully organized visit of the ELRN management took place on 19 April 2022.

Ádám Dénes won the Talentum Prize

There are still many talented people today, and there are also a good number of successful ones, but far fewer have been awarded a Talent Award. However, Ádám Dénes is one of them, as he was one of the first winners of the National Academy of Sciences' Talentum Prize!

. . . and there is" the Weizmann"

There are many excellent research institutes around the world, with a glorious past and a bright present. Harvard and Caltech, Oxford and Cambridge compete to see who has more Nobel Prize winners. And there's "the Weizmann" in Rehovot, Israel.

The THAI mouse goes to the stock exchange

Hearing about the stock market can make a person think of many things but of mice the least. Such a rare case can only happen with a special mouse like the THAI mouse of our institute, so you might want to know the extraordinary story!

Microglia that even interferes with the cerebral circulation, too

The most is known about microglia in Ádám Dénes' group. Their most recent discovery is that microglia, in addition to nerve cells, can also establish direct contact with many cells in brain blood vessels and may be involved in regulating cerebral circulation!

Our special almond tree

We work at an internationally renowned neuroscience research institute, many of our staff are among the best in their field, so we always have something to write about. Yet, one of the March articles is always about a blossoming almond tree.

Invitation to microscopists from Pécs

We received an invitation to the "Super-resolution and Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy and István Ábrahám Memorial Workshop" from the Szentágothai János Research Centre of the University of Pécs

The IBRO Workshop was a great success!

The IBRO Workshop of the Hungarian Neuroscience Society is held every two years and always in January. The announcement of the 2022 workshop as a traditional conference, was a bold undertaking in 2021, but it found out a success!

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