Central regulatory mechanisms of metabolism

With support of the European Framework Programmes (5-7), we have been collaborating with outstanding European research laboratories of this scientific field  to elucidate novel neuronal and hormonal mechanisms that control metabolism centrally. These studies have explored several, new regulatory channels:



·         Reinstatement of blunted leptin sensitivity during hedonic overeating by galanin receptor activation. (Prof. O. Almeida, Germany)


·         Regulation of brown fat thermogenesis by hypothalamic dopamine signaling. The role and mechanism whereby MCH regulate POMC neuronal activity to induce hyperphagia, adiposity and glucose intolerance. (Prof. R. Nogueiras, Spain)


·         Regulatory role of ghrelin receptor stimulation of the lateral parabrachial nucleus in increased food intake. Involvement of nicotinic ACh receptor signaling in regulation of ghrelin-induced food intake (Prof. S. Dickson, Sweden)


·         Role of MCH 3 receptor signaling in midbrain dopamine neurons in increased motivation for food reward.  Structural and functional characterization of orexin inputs of  dopamine neurons of the VTA projecting to the nucleus accumbens and the medial prefrontal cortex. (Prof. R.A.H. Adan, the Netherlands)


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